1.) The Arts

1.) The Arts
By brionv (originally posted to Flickr as Google Food) via Wikimedia Commons

“The Arts”, such a crucial part of your day to day life, without this you would die in half a second, this is some serious life-saving stuff that needs to be looked into and all of our money needs to go straight to it. Now of course art plays an important part in our culture, but how much money do these museums really need? Do they really need anything in the age of the internet? Google already has a huge library of art that has been uploaded digitally that you can access here.  

Museums are seeing fewer and fewer visitors because people can go on the internet and see all these pieces and read all the commentary they want. The Washington Post put in a report about the omnibus bill that $165.9 Million for the 2018 year, the Republicans really worked to cut this right out of the bill but failed in the end. The worst part about this is that most of the places that benefit from this are metropolitan hot spots like DC and New York.  Live in Kansas? Looks like you are gonna need to buy a plane ticket to see this set of spending.

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