6 Takeaways from Comey’s Closed-Door Hearing

6 Takeaways from Comey’s Closed-Door Hearing
Carol M. Highsmith via Wikimedia Commons

James Comey had a closed-door hearing with Congress this past Friday and what was revealed there is shocking, or rather, what was inferred was shocking. The man himself was very quiet and seems to be suffering from early onset dementia, he couldn’t recall anything… Maybe his book holds more answers? The novel is 312 pages long.

While he didn’t have much to “Remember” his testimony was telling, the things he couldn’t “Remember” were the keys to what was important and the few things he did “Remember” were telling because this means that there is documentation of them and if he “Didn’t Remember” he might be in some trouble with the law. All this said, here are the takeaways you need to know about:

 Source: TTN Staff

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