BREAKING Incident in NYC, Multiple Dead, Injured

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BREAKING Incident in NYC, Multiple Dead, Injured
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**Updated at 4:20 PM Eastern to reflect number of victims & status of shooter
**Updated at 4:26 PM Eastern with a photo from the scene and an update from the FBI
**Updated at 4:39 PM Eastern
**Last Update at 4:44 PM Eastern: Additional details about suspect, victims

Breaking news is coming out of NYC. An incident, that was earlier thought to be a shooting incident has left multiple dead and others injured. The suspect had a gun of some type, but it's unsure whether he used his gun or truck to kill his victims [SEE THE VIDEO OF THE SUSPECT HERE]

Law enforcement is investigating this is a terrorist attack. BBC earlier reported:

A suspect has been arrested in New York after people were reportedly shot by the driver of a car.

Police said they made the arrest after responding to "reports of shots fired" near the West Side Highway in Lower Manhattan.

They urged people to avoid the area as a major emergency services operation was under way.

Unconfirmed reports on social media suggest a man drove at cyclists in a cycling lane before opening fire.

Trump Train News has learned that at least 6 people are dead and 15 injured as a result of this intentional incident. Officials on the scene believe a school bus may have been one of the suspect's targets.

The shooter is in custody and alive. He was shot by police and is at the hospital. It's believed he is a male in his mid-thirties.

It's being reported that the FBI joint-terror task force is responding to this incident. There is no confirmation yet that this incident is a terror attack.

Judging by photos emerging of the incident, it appears the suspect used a rented pickup truck:

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