Democrat Launches Bid Against Trump

Rep. John Delaney (D-Md.), a moderate who has represented western Maryland for three terms on Capitol Hill, says he is launching a bid for the White House.

“The current administration is making us less prosperous and less secure,” Delaney wrote in an op-ed announcing his campaign that was published Friday afternoon in The Washington Post. “I’m running because I have an original approach to governing and economic policy that can put us on a different course.”

Delaney, 54, is a former health-care financier and one of the first Democrats to openly discuss a presidential run since the election in November of Republican Donald Trump.

He casts himself as “a progressive businessman” who respects “the power of our free-market economy while also insisting that there is a role for government to set goals and rules of the road and take care of those who are left behind.”
 Source: Washington Post

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