DNC Chair Makes Insane Claim

  • 2018-06-29
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
DNC Chair Makes Insane Claim
The "not out president" movement has gone way too far. In a recent introduction of former President Obama, DNC chair Tom Perez states that Obama was our president and not Trump.

Ummmm, Democrats... Reality check!

According to The Daily Caller:

Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman Tom Perez introduced former President Barack Obama as America’s “real president” at a DNC fundraiser Thursday night.

“Let’s give it up for the real president of the United States,” Perez said at Thursday’s fundraiser, Politico reported.

Obama reportedly then told the crowd of Democratic donors that they are “right to be concerned” about Trump’s presidency.

Perez’s false descriptor for Obama is just the latest instance of prominent Democrats abandoning political norms in order to undermine President Trump.

This along with the candidates the left want to face Trump should provide for an entertaining presidential election in 2020.

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 Source: TTN

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