EU Takes Sides Against Trump

  • Source: TTN
  • by: Donny Bomenabori
EU Takes Sides Against Trump
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The European Union (EU) is basically the Democrat ideal. A collection of socialist nations that forfeit their sovereignty to a collection of leftist bureaucrats with insane policies. Now, the EU leftists are making their partisan preferences known by opening fire on Trump supporting states by gunning for products produced by Trump supporters, like Harley Davidson in Paul Ryan's Wisconsin and Bourbon made in McConnell's Kentucky.   
According to Bloomberg: "The European retaliatory list targets imports from the U.S. of shirts, jeans, cosmetics, other consumer goods, motorbikes and pleasure boats worth around 1 billion euros; orange juice, bourbon whiskey, corn and other agricultural products totaling 951 million euros; and steel and other industrial products valued at 854 million euros. The Brussels-based commission, the EU’s executive arm, discussed the retaliatory measures with representatives of the bloc’s governments at a meeting on Monday evening."
Basically, European bureaucrats want to punish you for electing President Trump, who is seeking to get a better deal for American products after years of yielding to foreign interests who have taken advantage of our free trade policy. The notion of foreign entities seeking to punish a block of American voters is unprecedented and is an overt attempt to meddle in American politics, unlike the phony Russia scandal. The EU would do well to remember that America can hurt them more financially than the other way around and let us sort out our problems ourselves. 
 Source: TTN

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