Geraldo Comes To Trump's Defense On Puerto Rico

  • 10/04/2017
  • Source: Town Hall
  • by: Courtney O'Brien
Geraldo Comes To Trump's Defense On Puerto Rico
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Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera has been in Puerto Rico for a week now following the plights of individuals after Hurricane Maria destroyed large swaths of the island. Thirty-four people have now died in the wake of the storm. However, help is on the way. Rivera, who got the chance to reunite with his Aunt Ellie, has toured the destruction and witnessed the initial relief efforts, meaning he has a pretty good handle on how things are operating. As such, he felt the need to correct what he calls a slew of “fake news” items that are intended to undercut President Trump’s efforts on behalf of the Puerto Rican people. That latter scenario may be working - a new Associated Press survey finds only 32 percent of people approve of his response.

For one, Rivera quickly debunked the false narrative that Trump was not adequately addressing the cholera outbreak. It turns out, there is no cholera outbreak. The New York Times's Paul Krugman, who tweeted the false report, admitted his mistake, but not before thousands of people had retweeted it. The president has also been criticized for his rhetoric since visiting the island. For instance, he told Puerto Rican leaders they should be “proud” they did not have as near as many casualties as Hurricane Katrina.

Did he misspeak? Yes, but to suggest the president was intentionally insensitive to Puerto Rico’s struggle is hardly fair.

“They’re special people,” Trump told Rivera during his visit to the island. “I love the Puerto Rican people. We have to help.”
 Source: Town Hall

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