Gowdy Strongly Slams The President's Immigration Critics

Gowdy Strongly Slams The President's Immigration Critics
Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina said America shouldn’t have to apologize for wanting secure borders and thinks immigration enforcement should ramp up.

Gowdy approves deploying the national guard to the border to stem the flow of illegal immigrants and maintain America’s sovereignty.

“I do because no country should ever apologize for border integrity,” Gowdy said on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Company” Wednesday. “The president’s right, it’s a misdemeanor to cross the border without permission. A misdemeanor. It doesn’t become a felony unless and until you re-offend and it’s not a crime at all to overstay your visa.” 


“I don’t know what gets weaker than not being a crime and a misdemeanor,” he said. “No sovereign nation should ever apologize for border integrity. So by whatever means that needs to be accomplished.”

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 Source: Daily Caller

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