Hillary Doesn't Regret Calling Trump Supporters Deplorable

  • 2017-09-11
  • Source: Town Hall
  • by: Matt Vespa
Folks, I know there’s a hurricane slamming Florida. There’s has been immense outpourings of charity and compassion for the people of Texas after Harvey. The issues of DACA, health care, and tax reform are going to be the agenda items on The Hill. Yet, this is the eve of Hillary Clinton’s book, What Happened, and we’re learning more about the former first lady and why she’s a two-time loser. Hillary sat down with CBS News’ Jane Pauley over the weekend, where we found out that it took Clinton ten months to figure out why she’s not living in the White House. We found out what she feels was her most important mistake during the 2016 season, why the Trump inauguration triggered her, and why she doesn’t regret calling Trump supporters deplorable.

For starters, she feels like Trump's inauguration was a “cry from the white nationalist gut.” As a person of color, and I hate using that term since we’re all Americans, but whatever—I didn’t feel that way. In fact, I rather enjoyed Trump’s inauguration because he at least admitted that everything was not all sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows; things need to change. Things needed to be fixed. Golly—how evil of him, or something

Hillary described using personal email as her most important error of the campaign, while admitting that she fumbled the ball many times during the campaign. The email issue devolved into an absolute fiasco about whether she mishandled classified information while service as secretary of state. In that position, it was revealed by The New York Times that all official business was conducted on that account. It led to a criminal FBI investigation that didn’t recommend charges, a controversial decision that rankled Republicans after then-FBI Director James Comey took Clinton and her staff to the woodshed for being more or less negligent in how they handled sensitive material. While there were no GOP ads over this Comey’s remarks at the July 5, 2016 presser, it was, as NBC News’ Chuck Todd noted, an indictment of Hillary’s judgment.

That whole investigation has been riddled with more controversy after it was discovered that Comey drafted an exoneration statement months before the investigation was formally concluded. Yet, Clinton still blames the FBI and Comey for sowing the seeds of her defeat, even after admitting the email trip up and not being able to tailor a message to an incensed and angry 2016 electorate, among other things. She still bashes Bernie Sanders, but Clinton lost. Period. It’s all on her and she still sees fit to blame Biden, Sanders, sexism, the FBI, while also accepting the defeat, saying the fact she couldn’t seal the deal will live with her for the rest of her life.

She also has zero regrets about calling Trump supporters deplorable, citing Trump’s behavior that was accentuated by the Access Hollywood tape that no one cared about. In the video, there’s a hot mic moment where Trump and then-co-host Billy Bush were making some off-color remarks about women.
 Source: Town Hall

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