Hillary's Alternative Reality Where Trump Lost

  • 2018-04-05
  • Source: TTN
  • by: Donny Bomenabori

Hillary Clinton has some time on her hands since her White House plans fell through. The American Mirror found at least two instances where she pathetically daydreamed before the camera about what might have been.

Without a stitch of irony, she answered a question from Twitter about the "#MeToo" movement, taking credit for "accelerating the wave". Hillary was present for the suppression of the claims against her husband, ranging from sexual harassment to rape, but she shamelessly acted as if Trump's election was somehow related to women speaking out about inappropriate sexual behavior. Hillary also fails to mention her close, personal ties to one of the catalysts of the movement, Harvey Weinstein.

She told NowThis in November of 2017 that she would have launched an investigation into Russian meddling, even though her campaign paid Russians through Christopher Steele to commission false "opposition research" on Donald Trump. She also said she would have spent "as much money as it took" to enforce current gun laws, implying that gun regulations are on the books and aren't being enforced. 

Hillary Clinton can dream, but the reality is that Donald Trump built a winning coalition against her corrupt, hypocritical shenanigans. She may run again in 2020, but until then, we can't stop her from dreaming.  
 Source: TTN

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