Number 44

Number 44
By The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

According to Barack Obama, we need to let these immigrants in, too bad he voted on the measure to keep them out. The bill that approved this fence was from 2006 back when he was a Senator, back then this bill was a sweeping victory and received major bipartisan support. So now we have to ask Barry what changed his mind? Some suspect that the Democrats realized that illegal immigrants vote for Democrats, very strange the way these things correlate. To bad correlation doesn't equal causation in every case… maybe it does in this case, but who knows!

Maybe if Obama was being honest with the vote and really thought that this fence was good for America than he would have funded it while in the office of the presidency, but he didn’t so we have to ask about his authenticity on the matter. Obama could have been an OK president if he BUILT THE FENCE.

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 Source: TTN staff

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