Puerto Rico Leader Comes To Trump's Defense, SLAMS Leftist Mayor

  • 10/03/2017
  • Source: AAN
  • by: Remington Strelivo
Puerto Rico Leader Comes To Trump's Defense, SLAMS Leftist Mayor
Liberals were outraged when President Trump criticized the mayor of San Juan for botching hurricane relief efforts—but now, the mayor of a nearby community is coming to the president's defense.

Mayor Angel Perez Otero of Guaynabo—the sixth largest city in Puerto Rico, adjacent to San Juan—praised the federal response to Hurricane Maria and agreed with Trump: San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz had dropped the ball.

“I’ve seen other mayors participating,” said Perez Otero, referring to several meetings with FEMA and other U.S. military officials, who are aiding in the recovery effort. “She’s not.”

When asked if any of Yulin Cruz’s oft-repeated claims about problems with the federal relief effort seemed likely, Perez Otero clarified, “That’s not been my experience.”

He added, “There is a lot of politics in Puerto Rico,” possibly referring to the accusations from Trump that Yulin Cruz and other Never Trumpers were being unfairly critical to make the White House look bad. Yulin Cruz was a top Hillary Clinton surrogate in Puerto Rico.

The federal government’s response has been more than adequate, according to Perez Otero. “We are receiving a lot of help from FEMA and the Red Cross... there is lots of help coming to us,” adding that federal officials assured him they “won’t leave until Puerto Rico is good” and that more aid is coming soon.
 Source: AAN

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