REPORT Anti-Trump Rosie Could Be In Big Trouble

REPORT Anti-Trump Rosie Could Be In Big Trouble
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Rosie O'Donnell could be in trouble with the Federal Election Commission after the New York Post revealed the comedian has regularly exceeded the legal limit in donating to progressive Democrats running for office.

According to the Post, which conducted an extensive investigation of candidates' FEC filings, O'Donnell has routinely donated more than the FEC allows: a mere $2,700 per candidate per election cycle. Donors are free to give amounts exceeding that $2,700 limit to super PACs or other organizations supporting the particular candidate, but must limit all personal donations.

Using the online donation platform ActBlue, O'Donnell admits to donating to candidates who vocally oppose President Donald Trump's agenda, but says she assumed that if she donated more than the legal limit, the candidates would return the money.

To that end, she gave Alabama Sen. Doug Jones, who challenged Judge Roy Moore, about $2,000 more than was legal. She gave Pennsylvania Rep. Conor Lamb, who won a special election last March, $900 more than was allowed. And that's just the beginning; O'Donnell says she gave more than $50,000 to candidates in just the last cycle.

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 Source: Daily Wire

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