REPORT Scaramucci Possibly Eyeing White House Return

REPORT Scaramucci Possibly Eyeing White House Return
A shocking report in the Daily Beast Tuesday claimed that former White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, who famously lasted all of ten days as a top Presidential adviser, is being pressured by the President to return to Washington.

But Scaramucci says that's just not true - and that he has other, more exciting plans.

According to the Beast, Scaramucci has been telling close friends that President Donald Trump is just begging to have him return to a job he did so well, he was packing up his office before his predecessor had even finished up his term.

But the White House told the Daily Beast that they haven't heard the same rumors, and that they'd be shocked if Scaramucci stepped foot in the West Wing again (unless it was for a friendly visit). The outspoken investment banker turned Presidential public relations professional wasn't really all that great at his job, and, to top it off, wasn't very clear on the basics of communicating with reporters - a skill gap that became a problem when Scaramucci gave a profane, on-the-record interview to reporter Ryan Lizza.
 Source: Daily Wire

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