SHOCK POLL America Agrees With Trump On The Russia Investigation

SHOCK POLL America Agrees With Trump On The Russia Investigation
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On the heels of CNN providing President Trump some welcome news on public perception of the direction of the country and his handling of key issues, CBS published the results of its own new poll that the president will no doubt find encouraging. The American people, CBS reports, are growing increasingly skeptical of Robert Mueller's Russia probe.

Belief that the Russia investigation is "politically motivated" has now reached majority level. In December, CBS found that 48% of Americans agreed with Trump that the probe is more about politics than finding the truth, while 46% of respondents found it "justified." Now, 53% say Mueller's investigation is politically motivated, up 5 points in five months; 44% now say it's "justified."

Despite the growing skepticism, when asked if they think Trump should cooperate if asked to be interviewed by Mueller's team, 76% said yes. CBS notes that the percentage of those who think he should cooperate is down 8 points since January.

CBS points to a "hardening stance" among Republican respondents as the reason for the increased skepticism, particularly regarding the prospect of Trump sitting down for an interview. In January, 73% Republicans said he should; that percentage has shrunk by 20 points to 53%, while 42% now say he shouldn't, up from 22% in January.

 Source: Daily Wire

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