This Retired General Strongly Supports Trump's Travel Ban

This Retired General Strongly Supports Trump's Travel Ban
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Retired Army General and former CIA Director David Petraeus said Thursday that the Trump administration’s new travel ban has “reasonable logic” behind it.

The Trump administration unveiled travel restrictions Sunday on eight countries (North Korea, Syria, Chad, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Iran, and Venezuela), with the conditions varying for each country. Administration officials said that the restrictions will remain in place until these nations improve cooperation with American vetting and security standards.

“I think there’s logic to this, frankly. It includes some non-Muslim countries,” Petraeus told CNN’s Jake Tapper at an interview hosted by The Atlantic and Aspen Institute’s Washington Ideas event. “I think there’s a reasonable logic to this … It’s not something that singles out countries for their faith.”

The retired general continued, “I’m sure that it is quite as significant, frankly. I don’t think we are taking a huge number of individuals from a number of these countries, to begin with. But again there is some substance to this.”
 Source: Daily Caller

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