Top Trump Official Gets Tough On Crime

Top Trump Official Gets Tough On Crime
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The Department of Justice announcedThursday the reinvigoration of a Bush-era program to help combat growing violent crime in America.

A recommitment to Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) will be the "centerpiece of our crime reduction strategy," Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a press release announcing the administration's new move.

First implemented under former President George W. Bush, PSN involves deploying taskforces to all 50 states to address violence through "enforcement, deterrence and prevention." Central to its strategy is increased federal prosecutions of gun crime—such prosecutions have already increased23 percent under Sessions. PSN also uses increased police patrols, neighborhood development, and education and reentry programs to combat violence.

One 2009 study from the National Institute of Justice suggested that PSN did contribute to violent crime reduction in cities where it was implemented. Those cities saw an average drop in violent crime rate of 4.1 percent, as opposed to cities without PSN, which saw only a 0.9 percent drop. Sessions noted that the program reduced crime by as much as 42 percent in some locations.
 Source: Washington Free Beacon

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