Trudeau's Anti-Trump Stance On Immigration Is Imploding

Trudeau's Anti-Trump Stance On Immigration Is Imploding
On January 28, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earned the love and admiration from elites all over the world when he tweeted out the following: "To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith." For good measure, he tacked on the hashtag, "#WelcomeToCanada."

What made America's elites squeee! with such pleasure went beyond Trudeau's open borders policy, the negative effects of which never touch elites, no, what touched their shared erogenous zone was Trudeau doing so on the same day President Trump announced his temporary halt on refugees coming in from countries (identified by the Obama administration) that cannot tell us the difference between a refugee and a terrorist.

Yep, Trudeau stuck his finger directly into the eye of the Orange Racist and the Beautiful People threw roses at his feet.

Meanwhile, in the Real World — you know, the world where everyday people exist, where the air is not rarified and the community is not gated, where those Canadians who are not elites struggle to make a living, raise their kids, pay their taxes, and scratch out the very best life they can — in that world they are feeling the very real effects of Trudeau's narcissistic virtue signaling.
 Source: Daily Wire

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