Trump's Generosity Helps Man Beat Cancer

  • 02/11/2018
  • Source: Town Hall
  • by: Timothy Meads
Trump's Generosity Helps Man Beat Cancer
Last year, Townhall reported on President Donald J. Trump's generous donation to a campaign volunteer's father, Don Bouvet, for bladder cancer treatment. Today, Bouvet says the gift of $10,000 from the president saved his life and that he is now cancer free.

Don Bouvet’s son, Shane, was a volunteer on President Trump's presidential campaign. After meeting with the president the night before his inauguration, Shane informed Trump of his dad’s condition with bladder cancer. President Trump was so touched by Shane’s dedication to both his father and his country, that the former real estate and reality TV mogul cut a check of 10 grand from his own pocket to help cover financial costs for chemotherapy.

“The president saved my life,” Bouvet said to NBC 4 in Washington, DC. Don and Shane Bouvet got a chance to meet with the president in the oval office on Friday and tell the president firsthand. 


President Trump also said that “His father, Donald, was suffering and really on a pretty final path towards losing his life.” The Bouvets hail from Illinois, where Shane works as a nighttime delivery man. 

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 Source: Town Hall

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