Trump Wins BIG At NATO Conference

  • 2018-07-12
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Trump Wins BIG At NATO Conference
The world watched with nervousness as Trump attended the NATO conference. The American media spun the story to show Trump as a Putin sympathizer. But the organization meant to keep Russia at bay agreed with Trump and agreed to spend more on defense.

According to The Hill:

President Trump on Thursday said the U.S. remains committed to the NATO alliance after a summit in which he said allies bowed to his demands to increase defense spending.

“The United States' commitment to NATO is very strong, remains very strong,” Trump said during a news conference before leaving the summit site in Brussels.


“Yesterday, I let them know that I was extremely unhappy,” Trump said. “Now I'm very happy. We have a very strong NATO, much stronger than two days ago.”

He said that is because European nations agreed to boost their spending on defense.

Trump continues to win, this time forcing NATO nations to spend their fair share in defense of Europe and the world.

 Source: TTN

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