WATCH Trump Thanks San Juan's Mayor, Refuses To Play Politics

President Donald Trump on Tuesday credited Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Rosselló for not playing politics with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Trump traveled to the island amid the devastation that the hurricane brought, and after previously clashing with the mayor of San Juan over relief efforts, Trump thanked Rosselló for his cooperation. Specifically, he credited the governor for appreciating the federal government’s attempts to help.

"Your governor who I didn’t know, I heard very good things about him — he’s not even from my party, and he started right at the beginning appreciating what we did," Trump said. "He was tremendously supportive and he knew the level of problem that you had at the beginning before, and what happened with respect to the tremendous storms that hit your beautiful island."

Trump then addressed Rosselló directly and thanked him for not playing politics with the natural disaster.
 Source: Washington Free Beacon

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