White House Bans The Use Of These

White House Bans The Use Of These
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The Trump White House is cracking down on employees who use their personal phones while at work in the West Wing.

Under a new directive, issued by Chief of Staff John Kelly, that cites "security concerns" with non-government-issued cellular devices, staff have to ditch their smartphone, though the President, who uses his own phone to engage in social media smack-downs, appears to be exempt from the rule.

Staff aren't happy about the move; they say the government issued phones are outdated and lack the capacity to text, which hinders communication between members of the Presidents senior team. The phones also can't be used to make personal calls, so a White House staffer on shift isn't able to communicate with friends or family who don't work in the White House.

But in light of recent events - and in light of the "Fire And Fury" book due to hit stores - the White House is more concerned than ever about leaks from within the administration, and, aides say, with everyone using at least two separate devices - one for work and one for home - the White House wireless network has become hopelessly overloaded.
 Source: Daily Wire

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