He Threatened to Kill Trump, and Now He’s WALKING FREE

Well this is interesting. Remember the guy that threatened to kill President Trump? He’s getting away with it. As the Daily Caller reports:

A Florida man who was arrested after he threatened to assassinate President Donald Trump during the inauguration has cut a deal to avoid jail time, according to a new report.

On Thursday, TMZ reported that Dominic Puopolo agreed to enter a mental health program in hopes that it will eliminate any time he would serve behind bars for threatening to kill Trump.

Authorities say that if he completes the mental health diversion program, prosecutors have agreed to “drop felony charges” against him for threatening a public servant.

In January, the Miami Beach police department confirmed the arrest of Puopolo at a sandwich shop, after he made a video recording of himself threatening to travel to Washington, D.C. and assassinate Trump.

The piece notes that Puopolo also calls himself Jesus Christ, so it’s clear he’s utterly insane. Still, we hope the Secret Service is keeping tabs on this wackbag. He could be a danger to the president, and many other Americans. 


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