Liberal School Bans Trump

This is pathetic. A fourth grade teacher in Michigan is refusing to let his students watch the inauguration:

 Michigan teacher has come under fire for refusing to allow his students to watch President-elect Donald Trump deliver his inauguration address to the nation during class.

Brett Meteyer teaches fourth graders at Explorer Elementary School in Williamston, Mich., in a small school district near the capital of Lansing.

Meteyer told parents in an email Monday that he will show Friday’s inauguration ceremony during school, but not President Trump’s speech. He wrote that since he cannot preview the speech beforehand, he fears what Trump might say and wants to protect his students.

One parent sent the email to conservative radio talk show host Steve Gruber toward the end of his program, The Steve Gruber Show, which airs on 19 radio stations throughout Michigan. Gruber has children in the same school district, though not in Meteyer’s class.

This is nearly as ridiculous as the goofball who lit himself on fire outside of the Trump Hotel. There’s no question that Trump is unpredictable, and some of the things he’s said in the past are not suitable for children, but none of that rhetoric has been present in any of his major speeches. 

Liberals can choose to live in a fantasy world where they pretend that Donald Trump is not our the President of the United States, but he is. It behooves children to know this, and civic in general. Educators who have a responsibility to educate our children should be held to a higher standard. If Mr. Meteyer can’t meet that standard, he should resign. 


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