Donald Trump Has a Message for these Conservative Warriors

This morning, top Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway and Vice President Mike Pence addressed the March for Life. They had a message from President Donald Trump:


As the Washington Examiner notes:

When throngs of abortion protesters convene Friday for the annual March for Life, they will enjoy the warmest show of White House support in the event’s four-decade history.

Vice President Mike Pence and top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway will headline the pre-march rally on the National Mall, becoming the highest-ranking members of a presidential administration ever to speak at the annual protest. President Trump was expected to call in to the rally to voice his support, but is no longer doing so.

Pence and Conway’s presence is a huge boon to the march, attended by hundreds of thousands of people every year who want to register their opposition to the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion. It further solidifies their confidence that President Trump will live up to his promises to crack down on abortion, as he vowed during his campaign.

Pence is a favorite of conservatives for his actions as Indiana governor and as a member of Congress to limit abortion. While Trump used to support abortion rights, activists view Pence as one of their own, a longtime and trustworthy ally.

We’ll have more on the March for Life later. Suffice to say, the people assembled in Washington D.C. this morning are not unlike the broad coalition that brought President Donald Trump to the White House. They’re ordinary Americans that are absolutely passionate about the protection of human life and the American Dream. 


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