How Trump is Shaking Up D.C.

Writing in Time Magazine, Rudy Giuliani talks about how Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks are shaking up Washington D.C. Giuliani notes that Trump’s America first approach will change the way Washington gets things done:

President-elect Trump is also rapidly assembling an incredibly talented Cabinet to help him implement his America First agenda.

True to his outsider form, President-elect Trump isn’t just combing through the ranks of the federal government alone to fill these posts. He has chosen, among others, multiple CEOs (Linda McMahon, Steven Mnuchin, Andy Puzder, Wilbur Ross, Rex Tillerson), some of the most distinguished generals of our time (General John Kelly, General James Mattis, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn), a renowned pediatric surgeon (Dr. Ben Carson), and highly respected state governors (Nikki Haley and Rick Perry). This variety of highly qualified leaders will bring outside-the-box thinking to an administration committed to fixing Washington and returning power to the forgotten man and woman.

The third historic feature of President-elect Trump’s transition is his application of world-class business acumen to the office of president.

President-elect Trump has already shown this in his Cabinet selections: he is turning Washington on its head by hiring the best individual for the job, regardless of their background, prior government experience, or personal connections. He’s negotiated deals with Carrier and Ford to save American jobs, and sat down with Boeing and Lockheed Martin to save taxpayer dollars while not sacrificing the quality of our military’s firepower. Businesses sink or swim on their ability to achieve results, and President-elect Trump is already proving that the days of a federal government with no accountability are over.



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