Kellyanne Conway ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS Her Critics

Kellyanne Conway should be a feminist icon. Conway took Donald Trump’s failing campaign and focused its message, turning the New York billionaire into a messaging mastermind and pulling off the largest electoral upset in American history. She’s the first woman to accomplish such a feat, and women everywhere should be celebrating. 

But they’re not. Instead, Conway is subject to a steady stream of criticism for supporting Donald Trump, who liberal women hate. This week, the criticism became even more unhinged. When a rumor emerged that Conway turned down the press secretary position in part because she has young children, feminists slammed her for wanting to stay home with her kids. 

This is absurd. Kellyanne Conway is a boss. She accomplished something no woman in American history has accomplished, and she can writer her own ticket.

But we digress. We don’t have to stand up for her. The Jersey born Conway, not one to pull punches, had an absolutely devastating response of her own. Check it out above. We here at American Action News hope that Kellyanne remains in the public eye. We can’t think of a more effective advocate for conservative causes.



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