Liberal Journalist Caught Calling in Bomb Threats to Jewish Community Centers

The liberal media has been trying to pin a rash of anti-semitic attacks on the Trump administration. This makes no sense, of course. Trump is a New Yorker who’s spent his whole life around Jewish people. His daughter converted to Judaism to marry his Jewish son-in-law. His grandchildren are Jewish, as are many of his closest advisors.

Of course, that fails to jive with the whole Trump is a Nazi thing but whatever, they’ll just keep saying it to distract from their miserable lives. 

Anyway, here’s a real instance of Nazism. Carried out by, you guessed it, a liberal:

Prosecutors in New York charged a 31-year-old Missouri man on Friday with making at least eight bomb threats against Jewish centers, officials said.

Juan Thompson was arrested on Friday morning in St. Louis and is due to appear there in court later in the day, prosecutors said in a statement. He was charged with cyberstalking an ex-girlfriend, whose name he is accused of using to make the threats, the statement said.

Thompson is accused of carrying out “at least eight of the JCC threats as part of a sustained campaign to harass and intimidate” in an apparent attempt at revenge following the end of a romantic relationship.

According to Betsy Reed, editor-in-chief of the Intercept, Thompson was fired last year for fabricating stories and sources while working at the news outlet as a reporter.

A black liberal with a penchant for fake news carrying out hate crimes. This story couldn’t be more perfect. Here’s what we’ve come to find out about Johnson:


He did it over a girl, apparently:

And finally, this bit of fun.


This story is absolutely batshit insane. You can read the full text of the complaint here:


We will update this post if any more crazy details come out.


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