The Real Reason Why Hillary Wants a Recall

Oh boy, here we go…

According to Katie Pavlich at Townhall, Hillary Clinton’s “recount” nonsense might really be about casting a cloud of illegitimacy over this election so that she might run again in 2020. Per Townhall:

If you thought a devastating loss to Republican Donald Trump four weeks ago and to rival Barack Obama in 2008 was finally going to put former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton out of the political game for good, think again. 

According to veteran reporter Ron Fournier, someone who has been closely covering the Clintons for years, Hillary Clinton is keeping her options open for yet another presidential run in 2020.

Third times-a-charm? Not so much. 

Clinton’s biggest problem going into Election Day was a lack of enthusiasm and by the time results started rolling in, it showed. Her so-called “blue-firewall” of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania was bulldozed by Trump, who took all of them in addition to Ohio. The Obama coalition failed to show up to vote for her and if she chooses to run again in 2020, they’ll stay home again. Not to mention Clinton barely made it out of the 2016 democrat primary against Bernie Sanders, whose supporters stayed home or supported third party candidates. 

It’s hard to say this, because she’s just so terrible, but it’s hard not to feel bad for this woman. She gave up everything in the pursuit of power. She overlooked her husband’s serial infidelity, broke the law, and then lied under oath about it. Her entire life was dedicated to the prospect of becoming president, and now that’s all gone.

Maybe she still doesn’t get it. Maybe what’s left of her life is so impossibly empty that she has no place to go. Both of these scenarioes are what Donald Trump would refer to as “sad.” So maybe we SHOULD feel bad about this. Maybe it’s a sign of mental illness.

Whatever happens, it will be bad, and we’re with Decision Desk HQ’s Jeff Blehar on this one:


Sold. If Hillary Clinton wants to hector Americans about chauvinism, sexism, and misogyny from the comfort of her wheelchair in 2020, we’re all in. 


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