Trump Spokesman Calls Out Dem Hypocrisy

Remember when Democrats mocked Mitt Romney for suggesting that Russia was a serious geopolitical foe a few years back? Now that Donald Trump is the president, they’re starting to take that position seriously. After all, it’s better than facing the fact that their socially extreme party is out of touch with the American people. 

Anyway, Team Trump isn’t letting them forget. This week, Sean Spicer called them out:

The incoming White House press secretary questioned if the Democrats took the necessary precautions to protect their data from potential hackers in the first place during an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN Thursday.

“To be clear, any attempt to hack or to do anything nefarious is wrong and illegal,” Spicer said. “But at some point — the question hasn’t even been asked of the DNC — did you take basic measures to protect the data that was on there? Where’s the responsibility of them to protect their systems?”

“No one wrote those emails, no one put a private server on there and no one seems to have done the due diligence at the DNC to protect their own systems.”

“We need to have the intelligence community come forward publicly and on the record and make it clear exactly how this happened and who was responsible for it,” he continued.

Spicer is absolutely right. The fact of the matter is, Democrats suspected Russia was behind these hacks. They didn’t act, ADMITTEDLY, because they believed Hillary Clinton would win. Everything is political to these people. As the great Twitter account @Politicalmath poined out:

Here’s the thing: Americans realize that Russia isn’t our friend, and they’ve been discouraged by the way Putin has embarrassed Obama on the world stage. Democrats only seem to care now because they lost an election. 


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