MUST SEE VIDEO: Trump Hating Liberal Pundit Loses His Mind on Live TV

Wow, this is wild. Here’s Fareed Zakaria, columnist for the Washington Post and CNN contributor, absolutely losing his mind when talking about President Donald Trump.

It’s funny that Zakaria, of all people, would accuse Donald Trump of bullshitting. Zakaria’s a liberal, but he’s so full of shit that notorious liberal website Gawker has an long list of stories about Zakaria’s long record of plagiarism. You know,  plagiarism, the time honored tradition of trying to BULLSHIT people into thinking you’re intelligent by stealing the thoughts and words of OTHER people and passing them off as your own. 

Independent researchers found a pattern of plagiarism in Zakaria’s work dating back twenty years.  It’s almost like, to paraphrase a certain hypocritical pundit, Zakaria has spent his whole life bullshitting, he’s succeeded by bullshitting, and he’s got a cushy contributor job on CNN as a result of bullshitting. It’s very hard to tell Fareed Zakaria that bullshitting doesn’t work.


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