Berkeley’s Ridiculous Plan to

The famously liberal city of Berkeley has been ravaged by leftwing “anti-fascist” mobs—but they finally have a new plan of action to bring back the peace.

Unfortunately, it’s action more likely to pacify a riot at a preschool, rather than the violent liberals terrorizing the streets of the lefty Bay Area suburb.

In an email dated April 20, Downtown Berkeley Association CEO John Cainer sent an email to Berkeley’s mayor, Jesse Arreguin. Cainer had come up with a brilliant idea on how to stop violent leftwing mobs from bloodying the citizens of Berkeley: asking them nicely to stop.

“Do you think there is a possibility of having quiet conversations with leftist activist groups to see is they would be willing to stand down and not show up for May 2 and/or other events?” he asked, in an email, to Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin. “I know it is probably a long shot,” he admitted, showing he has at least one shred of common sense left.

In another email chain with the mayor, city council member Phoebe Anne Sorgen suggested a “peace force” to stop the violence.

“Envision Wavy Gravy, bubbles, singing, laughter yoga! Occupella. Buddhist Peace Meditators. Fencing with sponge noodles,” she wrote in her email. “Will Edwin set up the Empathy tent? How about a volleyball game in the middle of the park and/or a square dance? Will Code Pink [please] bring peace symbol cookies to pass out, and daisies.”

So far, at least one of Berkeley’s asinine ideas have been put into action: a protest at University of California, Berkeley, on April 27 featured Sorgen’s “Empathy Tent.”

Somehow, it didn’t work, as violent protest continues. But maybe bubbles or laughter yoga will turn out to be the silver bullet the city government is looking for.


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