Gowdy’s Breaking Announcement About FBI Job

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., announced Monday that he had removed himself as a candidate to replace fired FBI Director James Comey. 

Gowdy, a former state and federal prosecutor, had been mentioned as a possible successor to Comey, who was dismissed last week by President Trump. 

In a statement, Gowdy said he spoke to Attorney General Jeff Sessions Monday and shared “my firm conviction that I would not be the right person” for the job. Gowdy added that the FBI deserves a director “with not only impeccable credentials but also one who can unite the country as we strive for justice and truth,” adding that he was confident such a person will emerge.

  1. I think Gowdy would be just the guy to dig for truth. Hopefully he’ll serve well in other ways. We need more like him.

    1. Amen, Gowdy is a man of impeccable character.. He walks his talk, speaks with clear state of mind and expresses his thoughts so everyone understands.

    2. definitely!!! Also Jim Jordon is doing a fantastic job!!!! We need to keep him in along with Cruze and many others who are working their butts off FOR the people. We thought BARR would be one of those but Hell no he isn’t. If left up to the democRATS Hillary and the other people who love to take down and sell America should have been in prison along time ago will never see what should BE.

    3. Why are they showing this very old news BS???! Howdy long ago said he wasn’t interested in that position. Besides the fbi is now so corrupt and deep state it could never be turned around! Sorry! And, while Gowdy spoke a good story during his congressional investigations, WHAT ever came of them. Absolutely NOTHING! So no, I can’t agree Howdy would be a good choice anyway! EVER.

  2. Gowdy would be the perfect guy to turn around the FBI image after Comey hurt it , don’t know why he would consult with do nothing Jeff sessions???

      1. Gowdy as President or Supreme Court. Honesty in Washington has been totally missing. Gowdy or even McCarthy or Jim Jordan or Nunez are also good candidates.

  3. China will be very hard to negotiate with until Trump is reelected again in November,China is holding out hoping for a Biden win so they can get a more favorable deal out of us so when Trump wins again they will come back to the table with their hats in their hand.

  4. Gowdy!! You are the guy,. You have a proven record of trust and integrity and the people love you..This country needs help

  5. Gowdy by his track records is one of the finest American who has impeccable character. He should be POTUS some day.

      1. All you well wishes for Gowdy don’t seem to realize. By the time China Joe gets through with us in four years there won’t be another election. The democrats are on a mission to Destroy the Republic and scrap the constitution. America was the last hold out.. Give it a week after China Joe is inaugurated and BLM/Antifa will be out tearing up our streets again. The list, you bet the liberals have a list and they will go through it one conservative at a time. I’m sure I’m on it.

        1. Don’t lose hope! Pray for peace in patience & for the people God is helping with the investigations that are coming forth. 👍God sets up & takes down kings. We definitely need to put our trust in Jesus Christ! He interferes in the affairs of man. The hope I have is in the fact that He is coming back to reign as King Of Kings & Lord Of Lords! Trust not in mankind but in the Creator, Savior God Almighty! Not by man’s power or might but by the zeal of the Lord; God’s purposes will stand!

  6. Sorry Gowdy. The chance of finding integrity and truth on the other side of the isle is a remote as Covid disappearing tomorrow. There is a big party at Soros house tonight.

  7. You’re right. Gowdy would be an excellent choice. Has all the positive eihical traits lacking from most Democrats.
    Problem is, if he took the job now, Biden and his minions would not cooperate with him and probably he would end up being fired.


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