Brave Border Patrol Agents Attacked Just for Doing Their Jobs

Breitbart is reporting that Border Patrol Agents are under attack by the Mainstream media for just simply doing their job. Here’s how the story begins:

Media outlets attacked Border Patrol agents for entering a “camp” run by an organization that harbors illegal aliens in the deserts of southern Arizona. The group forced agents who had tracked four illegal aliens into the camp to obtain a warrant prior to entering the camp.

The group, No More Deaths, who was harboring the four illegal aliens refused to allow Border Patrol agents to enter their camp despite the fact that agents had been tracking the group for nearly 18 miles. Agents were forced to surround the camp until a federal warrant could be obtained.

Buzzfeed decided to come after the Border Patrol Agents:

Buzzfeed reported the No More Deaths group claimed the agents carried out a “direct and targeted attack on the humanitarian assistance we are providing during these hot and deadly days.” The implication in the article was that Border Patrol agents were callously putting the immigrants’ health in danger.

The truth is these Border Patrol Agents were just doing their job to keep America safe. Based on this tweet, we are certainly happy they are working hard. One of the illegals they apprehended happed to be an “aggravated felon”.

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