SHOCK CLAIM: Over 20,000 DIE On Obamacare Waiting List

A big part of Obamacare was expanding Medicaid. What was originally meant to cover the poorest people in society and give them health coverage was expanded to millions more people, which led to over 21,000 sick people dying on waiting lists, according to a recent study by the Foundation for Government Accountability.

The Washington Free Beacon reports: 

“Medicaid waiting lists currently sit around 650,000 individuals, FGA estimates. By contrast, more than 28 million able-bodied adults are now enrolled in the program, using resources that might otherwise be allocated to individuals on the waiting list.
. . .

Using state-by-state data, the FGA documented at least 21,904 waiting list members who have died waiting for Medicaid service since Obamacare expansion began. Many states did not track waiting list deaths, or gave only partial responses, implying that the true number may be much higher. Individuals on the waiting list can spend years, sometimes up to a decade, waiting for access to much-needed Medicaid money. The average wait time in New Mexico, for example has reached 10.2 years, according to FGA data.
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The report notes that able-bodied adult enrollment has quadrupled over the last two decades, from seven million to over 28 million. Able-bodied adults now exceed disabled recipients by 17.5 million.The report argues that Obamacare expansion has contributed substantially to this issue. As Medicaid has expanded to cover able-bodied adults with a household income of at most 133% of the federal poverty level, resources that could otherwise be allocated to the most needy on a waiting list must be used for otherwise able-bodied adults. Of the 650,000 currently on waiting lists, 250,000 are currently residents of states that opted to expand Medicaid under ObamaCare. That includes states such as Ohio, where 62,118 are waiting for Medicaid.”

Basically, poor and disabled people got shuffled to the bottom of the bureaucratic list in Obama’s effort to buy votes with government healthcare. The report only uses numbers of confirmed people that died on the list, and the number is likely much higher. Government run healthcare leads to more government and less healthcare, which kills good people. President Trump is right to want to end this awful Obama era program before more people die. 

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