Gorsuch Brings Trump’s Style To the Supreme Court

Justice Neil Gorsuch has a lot in common with President Trump. Both men want to serve their country, and serve to make the government more accessible to the people, and not the swamp.
He isn’t being cowed by the liberals on the court, and doesn’t divvy up cases in the “cert pool” like the other justices; this means he reviews the cases he wants to, rather than letting them be screened for him. 
The Hill newspaper wrote about his first year, saying he has a “take charge style”, not unlike President Trump. The Hill said, ” That’s just how Justice Gorsuch writes: He wants to make the law accessible to a lay audience, which is something we ought to credit, not criticize.  Frankly, it strikes me as some law professors being a bit elitist.”
Liberals have mocked this style as “over-explaining”, hash-tagging “GorsuchStyle” on Twitter to make fun of him. Instead, he is following the example of Justice Thomas and President Trump, who believe in making the government accessible and accountable to the people, rather than lording over them with false superiority. 


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