2.) Protest Every Minute

There has been a protest every minute of the confirmation hearing and it looks like it will only get worse. The Dems have been having activists get up and shout over everyone talking, the authorities on scene remove them but there are so many waiting for their chance to stand up and scream that it is effectively useless. This has gotten so bad that Kavanaugh’s daughters had to be removed from the scene.

This is extremely troubling as the Kavanaugh really isn’t a controversial pick, he said already that he would follow laws that are already in place and not bicker over settled law. The Dems and the media already tried to slander him by bringing up the fact that he had bought baseball season tickets and credit card debt that he paid off. Really? That’s all they had, and this is their call for outcry? Despicable! The must hate him because he is a normal guy.

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