Meet the Conservative TV Host Running for Congress

Meet Morgan Murtaugh. She’s an on-air commentator on the conservative One America News Network and now she’s running for Congress.



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Murtaugh is seeking California’s 53rd Congressional District which is in the San Diego area. She’s running as a Republican and, unlike most celebrities who run for Congress, is actually campaigning on a conservative agenda.

She cites some of her top issues on her website as individual liberty, First Amendment, Second Amendment, taxes, jobs, and spending. Murtaugh claims to be “a strong advocate for the Constitution”. Murtaugh is also an advocate of securing our border and building the wall.

Prior to her Congressional bid, Murtaugh served for 3 years as Assistant Protocol Officer to the Commandar of the Naval Air Forces and worked in Congress.

At 25, Murtaugh is the youngest congressional candidate in the country, but don’t underestimate her. She’s been involved in her community for 10 years and is building a strong media campaign and has been featured on Fox News, the Daily Caller, and the Washington Examiner just to name a few.

Here’s her spectacular interview with Fox News:


Murtaugh handily defeated the other Republican’s vying for the seat in June and now faces a bit of an uphill battle against incumbent Democrat Congresswoman Susan Davis. The will go head-to-head this November. The seat tilts Democrat, but we can’t count her out as she’s been stumping hard on the campaign trail:



We enjoy our time campaigning.

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A post shared by Morgan Murtaugh (@morganriles) on


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