4.) Faith Defended

Mike Rowes new show somebody’s got to do it was airing on a Christian broadcasting channel and many were displeased by this. Citing that it was against the show and he must have been getting big bucks to do it on this network or he chose the wrong audience. He responded with the typical class to all the haters in the world by stating that he had been on almost every network available and he wanted to try a new one, he also slammed them for claiming he wasn’t acting in good faith with what the show stood for.

As The Daily Wire Reported:

“I’m afraid I don’t understand how TBN contradicts the ‘inclusiveness’ of (Somebody’s Gotta Do It),” he added. “A network’s identity is a reflection of the programs it chooses to air. If TBN had an issue with the kinds of people included on SGDI, they wouldn’t put the show on the air. And if I demanded every network I do business with comport with my personal view of the world, I’d be broadcasting only to myself. Or as they say in the chapel, preaching to the choir…”

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