CNN Host Makes Case for Border Wall

President Trump has a new defender of his attempt to get a border barrier built in CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

According to The Daily Caller

CNN host Chris Cuomo criticized Democrats for their part in the ongoing clash with Republicans and President Donald Trump on border wall funding.

Appearing briefly on “CNN Tonight With Don Lemon” Wednesday night, Cuomo took particular aim at Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to budget a single dollar toward wall funding. He also expressed his agreement with and his belief in the “men and women who keep us safe” who say they need more border barriers.

“I have no problem with that assessment,” Cuomo said, responding to Lemon’s claim that Trump’s rhetoric on the wall is “all B.S.” The CNN host lamented the “binary nature” of the debate, with both sides seemingly on each extreme, before stating that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “dollar” comment puts Democrats “in a hole.”

Look, here’s the reality. You’ve got barriers along that thing all over the place. They need more. I believe the men and women who keep us safe and their assessment that barriers help and they need more of it. So the Democrats should say, “Fine. More barriers. Okay. Let’s talk about where, how much and why,” not, “No wall, not a dollar for your damn wall.” Don’t say that because you don’t mean it and it puts you in a hole.

Cuomo couldn’t completely agree with Trump and placed most of the blame for the shutdown on the president’s shoulders.

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