Britain’s Queen Declines to Invite Anti-Trump Mayor

President Donald Trump will make an official state visit to the UK in June and the Queen will honor him with a dinner.

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has protested the visit, as well as a previous visit by Trump, and said he would boycott the dinner.

Well, Queen Elizabeth has made his job much easier by not inviting the controversial mayor altogether.

According to The Daily Wire:

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said last week that he didn’t believe President Donald Trump was worthy of a state banquet hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace. It turns out, though, he won’t have to suffer through seeing Trump honored by the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth has declined to invite Khan to Trump’s state dinner, snubbing London’s top administrator, apparently over fears he’ll be inappropriately aggressive toward the American leader, reports.

The Daily Wire’s Paul Bois reported on Saturday that Khan has been an outspoken critic of Queen Elizabeth’s decision to host Trump for an official state visit, even going so far as to say that Trump doesn’t deserve the honor, despite being president of the United States.

“Of course we should have a close relationship with the president of the United States, but we shouldn’t be rolling out the red carpet; we shouldn’t have a state banquet,” Khan told a radio program last week. “History tells us only two presidents have had a state visit. I think President Trump is certainly not in the same class as those two.”

Trump will also honor D-Day during his visit and meet with members of the country’s conservative party.


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