Anti-Trump AOC has a BIG Problem at Home

Freshman Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made headlines over her often false claims about Trump and socialism. Unfortunately, she may be important to the mainstream media, but new numbers suggest her constituents have no idea who she is.

According to The Daily Caller:

Washington, D.C.-based attorney Dan Backer, founder of the Stop AOC PAC, spoke to The Daily Caller about recent polling data from the self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist’s home turf.

Backer began by explaining what drove him to create a PAC to challenge Ocasio-Cortez in the first place: “My family came from Russia when I was a baby, and I grew up hearing what they went through. And I have a strong dislike for that ideology.”

Quoting a line often repeated by former President Ronald Reagan — who got it from 18th-century Anglo-Irish statesman Edmund Burke — Backer noted, “‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ Someone had to stand up and do something. If we don’t challenge socialism, we let it win.”

The data showed that AOC is relatively unknown and unliked in her home district. 43% of people never heard of her, and 44% found her unfavorable. Her constituents also found that Amazon’s decision not to build in her district, which was prompted by her and other progressive legislators, was bad.

When asked about if she can be beat, Backer responded:

“I think she’s very beatable,” Backer concluded. “Her district — they don’t know her, they don’t like her, they don’t trust her. As long as we give voters the choice, they’re choosing to turn away from her.”

AOC is trying to make socialism mainstream, but people like Backer continue to fight to keep it as far away from American economics as possible.


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