Major Cohen Claim About Trump Proven Wrong?

President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen is now serving prison time. But when he testified before Congress he told everyone that the president specifically told him to lie.

New evidence shows that Cohen admitted that he may have misunderstood the president.

According to The Daily Caller:

Michael Cohen acknowledged in congressional testimony it was “plausible” that President Donald Trump had not instructed him through coded language to lie to Congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, as the former Trump lawyer has claimed.

One congressional staffer asked Cohen:

And I’m just thinking maybe, perhaps, you had this code, but because he said cooperate, there’s nothing to be afraid of, cooperate, not that he said “nothing to be afraid of,” but you see what l’m saying — cooperate, you know, there is no Russia, go forward, that is certainly a plausible explanation, no?

Cohen replied: “It’s plausible.”

Buzzfeed wrote a bombshell article about Trump instructed Cohen to lie. The newly released transcripts prove that was a lie. However, despite acknowledging that the story was not accurate the authors are trying to spin it to say the transcripts bolster their story.

New articles are being written to show the Trump team huddled with Cohen to craft his Congressional testimony. However, Cohen testified months after the meetings and the transcripts actually show no intent from the Trump team to instruct Cohen what to tell Congress.

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