Trump Will Require Increased use of U.S. Steel in Federal Projects

President Trump will sign an executive order that every hard-working American will love. The president is looking to make the use of American made steel in federal projects more commonplace.

According to Fox Business:

President Trump will sign an executive order on Monday to require that the bulk of the steel and iron used in federal contracts is sourced from U.S. firms., according to a top trade adviser, the latest move by the White House to bolster domestic commodity producers.

The action is slated to mandate that 95 percent of steel and iron used for government projects is provided by American firms, the White House’s Peter Navarro told FOX News on Monday, an increase from the existing threshold of 50 percent.

Trump will also suggest that the content threshold for other commodities be increased to 55 percent, up from the current 50 percent, and eventually rise to 75 percent, Navarro wrote in an op-ed.

Trump previously imposed double-digit tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, one intended to curb the use of those commodities from countries like China. Those duties were lifted on Canada and Mexico as the three nations seek to advance an update to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Trump’s policies have caused top U.S steel firms to increase operations which have led to the direct creation of new jobs.

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