CNN’s Panel of GOP Women Backfires as They Defend Trump

CNN held a panel of Republican women in hopes of finding agreement, even among, Republicans that Trump’s tweets were racist.

This plan backfired. All of the women agreed that Trump’s tweets were not racist. The panel even described the four far-left congresswomen as racists who are acting un-American.

According to Mediaite:

The eight Republican women from Dallas all raised their hands when Kaye asked who thought Trump’s tweets were not racist.

“They hate America,” Dena Miller said of the lawmakers, echoing a claim Trump has made without any evidence. “If it’s so bad, there’s a lot of places they can go.”

One of the women noted, “I’m a brown-skinned woman, I am a legal immigrant, I agree with him.”

Another replied: “It’s a demonstration of how their ideology spills over, even though they’re American now — so to speak — they’re not acting American.”

One of the women on the panel pointed out that Trump has dated a black woman for a couple of years and was and is currently married to women who are immigrants. These, the woman noted, are not the actions of a xenophobic racist.


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