Acting DHS Secretary Reveals DISGUSTING Border Account

Testifying in front of Congress on Thursday acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan revealed a disgusting account of the situation currently happening at the southern border.

According to Fox News:

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan relayed a stunning account Thursday of how a 51-year-old man “bought” a 6-month-old child in order to exploit loopholes in the U.S. immigration system that would allow him to stay in the country.

He told the story during House testimony as he decried the extreme tactics being used to take advantage of U.S. laws.

“Unfortunately we see that all too often now … adults that are bringing children with them that are not their own to try and take advantage of what they perceive as a loophole in our law that would allow them to be released into the United States,” McAleenan told the House Oversight Committee when asked about the problem of migrants fraudulently claiming to be members of family units when they apply for asylum at the border.

“We’ve had egregious cases including a 51-year-old man who bought a 6-month child for $80 in Guatemala, and admitted that when confronted with a DNA test by a Homeland Security Investigations agent conducting a pilot at one of our border stations,” he said.

McAleenan also revealed of a practice known as “child recycling.” ICE is reportedly investigating a situation where 5-8 children are being used by dozens of adults to aid in their crossing of the border and claiming asylum.

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