Legal Immigrant Backs Trump’s Ultimatum to The Squad

President Trump has been under fire for his ultimatum to The Squad, which consists of the four far-left congresswomen, and to all other people who are lacking patriotism.

The president is not alone in this sentiment. Legal immigrant Marina Medvin recently came to the president’s defense.

Medvin is a capitalist, conservative columnist, political commentator, attorney, and proud legal immigrant.

According to Town Hall:

I legally immigrated to the incomparable United States of America when I was a little girl. I emigrated from the USSR, that wondrous sh*t-hole that Bernie Sanders covets. 

Note: I use the precise terminology “legally immigrated” because liberal media has obliterated the ethical boundary between the law-abiding immigrants who respect and pedestal the United States of America with those who trample on the laws and steal from the American people at first chance. I, immigrant, am not okay being confounded with swindlers.  

I felt uplifted to read President Trump’s tweets addressing the America-hating, ungrateful socialists who infest our Congress. I agree with the President. 

Our President did it; he said the words that needed to be said by an America-first leader. “IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY HERE, YOU CAN LEAVE! … This is about love for America.” He rebuked those who “HATE our Country,” doing what needed to be done. 



Medvin went on to explain that President Trump is telling the truth. That there are certain people who do hate our country, the Judeo-Christian beliefs it was founded upon, and our independence driven economy. 

She pointed out that even though Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was gifted citizenship she is still hateful, shameful, and ungrateful. This is proof positive on why this legal immigrant would agree with President Trump’s strong stance.


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