Energy Secretary Rick Perry Claims Dems are Living in Fantasy World

Energy Secretary Rick Perry dropped a truth bomb on the Democrats recently. Perry broke the news to the Democrats that they were living in a fantasy world when it came to the rhetoric they were using on climate change.

According to Fox News:

“I think they live in a fantasy world. The reality is that the United States is lowering emissions — one of the only countries in the world,” the former Texas governor said. “I think about all the 194 [countries] that signed onto the Paris accord, the U.S. is the one that’s leading the world in reducing emissions… America [is] transitioning away from old inefficient power plants to natural gas plants.”

Perry added, “Maybe they think, they being the Democrats that are running for president, that China would be a better place for all of this manufacturing to occur. It is fantastical when you think about the true misrepresentation of the truth that the Democrats are spewing out there.”

He also claimed the federal government is exploring new ways to reduce harmful emissions and said Democrats are trying to bury the truth because it conflicts with their political rhetoric.

“We are addressing it. I think that’s one of the things that the… media needs to take a second look at, what’s going on. I’m leaving here from Pittsburgh headed to… our national energy technology lab, where we’re seeing that type of technology being developed to reduce emissions — to come up with the technologies and innovation,” he said.

Perry pointed to false claims levied by supposed climate change experts. The former Governor of Texas pointed to the fact that 15 years ago “experts” told us we had found all of the oil and natural gas there was to find.

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