Fox News Host Jesse Watters Destroys Dem With FACTS

Fox News host Jesse Watters destroyed Juan Williams anti-Trump narrative by producing a mutual legal assistance treaty signed by former President… Bill Clinton.

According to The Daily Caller:

“I have found, from 1999 to 2000, a treaty with Ukraine signed by Bill Clinton … on mutual legal assistance and criminal matters, which basically establishes a range of cooperation between the two governments of Ukraine and the United States about making testimony available, making people available, making documents and records available and assisting in the cooperation of mutual criminal matters,” Watters said before making the point that if Biden is somehow immune, anyone could be immune by simply saying they are running for office.

“Under that then to your point about the Obama team and Hillary Clinton team under that same treaty asking for Ukraine help to investigate Donald Trump would fit underneath the same treaty,” co-host Dana Perino asked.

“Right, so if that is an investigation that is a counterintelligence investigation, that does not fall under criminal investigation, because that’s what that was under Barack Obama,” Watters explained. “And, remember, there were no basis for those inquiries, either. If you are going to say that that’s okay, then what Trump did is okay, too.”

“Oh my gosh. OK you win. I give up!” Williams exclaimed.

The Democrats have been trying to control the narrative by claiming crimes exist where none do. This has been how they operate since Trump took office and probably before.

Watters takes this approach to task with cold hard facts.


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