Schumer’s Focus on Resisting Trump Comes at a BIG PRICE

As Senator Chuck Schumer focuses on obstructing Trump and removing him from office he continues to neglect vital duties like making the Federal Election Commission and functioning agency.

The agency has been turned into a partisan shell that is focused on stifling the free speech of conservative Americans.

According to Attorney Dan Backer in Inside Sources:

Chuck, why don’t you just focus on your job? While he panders to his anti-Trump base, Schumer is presiding over a logjam at the Federal Election Commission, which now lacks the legal minimum of four commissioners to make any high-level decisions. As the Center for Public Integrity’s Dave Levinthal explained, the FEC can’t even conduct meetings, let alone issue new rules on campaign finance or vote on the outcome of existing investigations. In other words, the FEC has “effectively shut down.”

He has consistently refused to honor the tradition of the Senate minority leader recommending names to be nominated to nonpartisan and bipartisan commissions, including the FEC. The agency has traditionally filled two seats at the same time, pairing a Republican and Democrat, each recommended by the leaders of their respective parties — the president and the opposing party’s Senate leader. However, Schumer has yet to make a serious nomination to fill the Democratic vacancy at the FEC, or replace the existing Democratic commissioners on long-expired terms.

This intentional logjam serves only one purpose: To give Schumer and other Democrats a built-in excuse to complain about the very problem they have created, or blame it on Trump.

Nonetheless, Democrats like Schumer continue clamoring for “campaign finance reform” — that is, restrictions on free speech and political expression they disagree with. For years now, Schumer has sought to reduce spending in the political arena, by which he’s meant targeting conservative speech that opposes his policies.

Schumer continuously denounces “dark money” in politics while pushing for a big-government approach. This approach would do more to stifle speech from people without money than help keep corruption at-bat.

But Schumer knows this.

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